What is the cost of Dental Braces in Kolkata?

Each patient case is unique with various factors impacting the cost of care. Cost of Dental Braces depends upon the severity of the case, type of Dental Braces to be worn. There are different types of Dental Braces like metal Dental Braces, ceramic Dental Braces, invisible Dental Braces. Prices starts from  Rs25,000 to Rs 30,000.

How long I have to wear the Dental Braces?

Some orthodontic cases are quick and easy and can be completed in less than 12 months. Other cases are which are complicated require much more time for teeth movement, lasting over 24 months. Duration of treatment depends on several factors such as required amount of tooth movement, patient age, amount of overjet and overbite, and patient compliance. At the initial consultation the orthodontist will provide  you an estimation of treatment duration.

Will I need to extract my tooth?

In some cases when there is severe crowding caused by inadequate space, extraction of one tooth per quadrant may be necessary. But the decision of extraction can be taken once after thorough examination of the case by the orthodontist and by seeing the radiographs

Does Dental Braces Hurt?

Placement of Dental Braces is a painless procedure but the patient will take some time i.e 5-7 days o get use to it.

How to keep Dental Braces clean?

You have to make certain changes in your oral hygiene regimen. Patient is advised to use orthodontic brush, mouthwash.

How often are orthodontic treatment appointments?

Orthodontic appointments are scheduled after 4-6 weeks apart. Every appointment the orthodontist will change/tighten the orthodontic wire.

How long do I have to wear the retainers?

The ideal answer is for this will be  as long as you don’t want your teeth to move. Patient is advised to wear the retainers for full time for short period and then switch to night-time for lifetime. Teeth have a tendency to move all throughout the course of our lives, so the only way to ensure that you can enjoy your perfect smile for a lifetime is by committing to retainers for the long-term..

Are Invisalign completely invisible?

Most people will not notice you’re wearing them. If someone sees very keenly then they might notice  you wearing a clear plastic mold on your teeth.

What is the cost of invisible Dental Braces?

Invisible Dental Braces are costlier than other Dental Braces like metal Dental Braces, ceramic Dental Braces. Cost depend upon the severity of crowding and the company of the invisible Dental Braces used. Orthodontist will be able to give you an idea about the cost and duration of treatment.