Everyday Sanitization
The clinic is sanitized every day and at regular intervals after each patient treatment. Also, at the entrance of the clinic, the patient is asked to sanitize his/her hand before entry.
Air humidifiers
To ease the symptoms of flu and reduce dryness, we use humidifiers at our clinic to reduce the chance of contraction. Along with the humidifiers, we maintain social distancing to avoid covid-19.
Air purifiers
It helps kill the virus/bacteria in the air and make the air clean. These purifiers constantly operate in our clinic to keep the air purified and our patients safe and secure from the deadly virus at our clinic.
Ultraviolet Light Disinfection
For dental equipment sanitization and sterilization, we use ultraviolet light disinfectant. It is also used to disinfect the dental unit, patient chair and doctor's hand before treatment.
Extraoral Suction
We have an extraoral suction machine installed at our clinic, and it helps to kill the germs from the patient's mouth and assist him in inhaling fresh air. It also reduces the chances of covid contraction.
Use of PPE Kits and Masks
The doctor and the assisted staffs wear the PPE kits and masks to ensure safety at both ends. We provide a sort of PPE kit to our patients also who sit on the dental chair for treatments.
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