Basal Bone Cortical is the Best dental implant in Kolkata- (Swiss technology

Get immediate permanent fixed Teeth in Within 5-7 Days ( safe for diabetic patients and patience having less bone height and smokers)

What Are Basal Bone Cortical Dental Implant?

Basal Bone Cortical implant is a type which takes anchorage from the basal cortical portion of Jaw Bones which not only gives it proper retention, but also helps in giving good support to the Fixed Dental Bridge.

Is Basal Cortical Implants available in Kolkata?

Yes, We are regularly doing treatment for those dental implant in Kolkata.

• How much time is it needed for placing Basal Bone Cortical Implants after extraction and loading it with fixed Dental Bridge?
Basal Bone Cortical implants can be placed immediately after extraction and the fixed dental bridge can be loaded within a time frame of 48 hours to 5 days after placement.

How much painful is it to place Basal bone Cortical implants?

Basal Bone Cortical implants follow a bloodless, flapless and painless technique. There is no need to give any sort of incision and place sutures. It is a single body implant which doesn’t needs any sort of secondary surgery.

Can those Basal Bone Cortical Implants be used for Full Mouth Replacement of Missing teeth?

Yes those implants are used to replace full mouth missing teeth. Oral Welding of the dental implants or Oral Syncrystalization is done to immediately secure the basal bone implants to make them ready for the loading with fixed dental bridge.

Get permanent fixed teeth with dental implant in kolkata.

How much painful is it to place Basal bone Cortical implants?

Oral Syncrytalization is done to immediately secure the dental Problem, so that dental fixed bridge can be loaded within 5 days. Oral welding of Implants prevent the initial movement of the Cortical implants and help them stabilize during the initial placement.
This is how with the new technology we are treating patients with dental implant kolkata.

Article on Sananda Bengali Magazine

Article on Basal Cortical Dental Implant and full mouth cases on Sananda Bengali Magazine

Basal implantology is also known as bicortical implantology or just cortical implantology. It is a modern implantology system which utilizes the basal cortical portion of the jaw bones for retention of the implants which are uniquely designed to be accommodated in the basal cortical bone areas. The basal bone provides excellent quality cortical bone for retention of these unique and highly advanced implants. Because basal implantology includes the application of the rules of orthopedic surgery, the basal implants are also called as “orthopedic implant” to mark a clear distinction between them and the well-known term “dental implant.” These basal implants are also called as lateral implants or disk implants.