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What are dentures ?

People who have lost their teeth due to some unavoidable circumstances are eligible to be denture wearers. Dentures are generally false teeth made to replace teeth which have been  lost. Dentures can be complete or partial. Complete dentures cover your entire upper or lower jaw. Partials replace one or a few teeth.

What type of denture is best for me?

The number of missing teeth, the condition of the gum with respect to the existing teeth and the general health of the patient is taken into consideration by taking blood reports, xray of single tooth or Oral Pantograph-OPG (Full Mouth Xray in a single visit) to confirm any abnormalities and give a planned treatment.

Sometimes we have to sacrifice existing teeth, if their existence as well as surrounding gum and supporting bone condition is not good. In certain cases we have to do root canal treatment (RCTs) to save some teeth and give a denture along with their support. Thus, it is required to have a physical examination of the mouth to be done by the Prosthodontist and suggest you the best denture (removal or fixed) as per the situation.

There are many types of dentures available. They can be broadly classified into Removable Dentures & Fixed Dentures.

Removable Denture:-Dentures can be easily removed from mouth and then can be worn.

Complete Denture:-It is a type of removable denture and is given to a patient, where the patient has lost his complete teeth.


Removable Partial Denture:-It is a type of removable denture, which is given to a patient who has lost only few teeth and is basically a tooth supported denture.It takes the support of existing teeth to stay at its place in mouth. There are many types of removable dentures in Kolkata.Recent trend in denture in Kolkata have bought Flexible Denture, which is flexible in  nature and is considered to be unbreakable.

                                    Flexible Partial Denture                  Cast Partial Or Metal Partial Denture 




Fixed Partial Denture:- Fixed Partial Denture –Dental Bridge-"Fixed Teeth options are made by reducing the existing teeth surface of teeth present near the missing teeth area .Accurate measurements are made and then the cast is made to fabricate metal, metal caramic or metal free ceramic prosthesis and are luted with the help of cements which are bio compatible and have good strength."


                Dental Bridge                                                                 Dental Implant



 Dental Implant:-It is a metal made up of bio compatible Titanium, which is placed in the area of the missing teeth to replace it.